Highland Park Bowl Thursday 11/21

I love Thanksgiving. It’s got nothing to do with food. It’s in part because there’s no traffic in LA, my idiot neighbor is gone, and Santa isn’t coming for another month. But mostly it's because it’s a few days when the calendar zips itself shut and there’s no work to be done because no-one else is working. When else does that happen? Never. We all get to guilt free chill.

I went to a boarding school for parts of high school and Thanksgiving was the first break in the calendar. I loved driving back home to Boston from the sticks, getting closer and closer to the city and home, and closer and closer to my freedom. I have powerful but hazy memories of going out to shows with friends over Thanksgiving, but it’s not the music I remember, nearly as much as the friends I went with.

As a songwriter, what I’m grateful for this time of the year is that the magic band, Immergluck, Jon Flaugher and Michael Jerome, are all in the same place for a few days. And since we’re all here, we cordially invite you to get out with some friends and bask with us in the collective, magical slow down of pre-Thanksgiving next Thursday, the THIRD Thursday in November, at the Highland Park Bowl. We're sharing a bill with recent tour mate Greg Felden and my first call for all things keys related, Phil Krohnengold. They're both great songwriters in their own right and it’s going to be a great evening.

Come out if you’re close and, of course, happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble gobble



Persephone (best is yet to come)
Lived to Tell the Story
Come On It's Time to Go
Run Like I'm a River










"Hospital", "Cigarettes" - Season 5

"2 Way Street", "Lived to Tell the Story"

French Exit


"Come On It's Time to Go"

"Second Chance"

"Run Like I'm A River", "Daylight", "Madman"

"Madman", "Ballerina in a Bullfight"

"Lived To Tell the Story"

Original song - end credits "Edge of Man" cowritten with Rod Lurie

Stars & Curses

Time is Now

Truth Shines


"The Distance"


Coby Brown's 4th full length, Everything Looks Different To Me Now, was produced by Brown and Justin Stanley (Jamie Lidell, Sheryl Crow, Ryan Bingham) and recorded in Los Angeles at Matter Music and Boulevard Recording. The record features an all star band of Tyler Chester (Andrew Bird, Blake Mills) and John Flaugher (Andra Day, Joseph Arthur) on bass, Aaron Redfield (Hozier, the Bird and the Bee) and Michael Jerome (Richard Thompson, John Cale) on drums, David Immergluck (Counting Crows, Camper Van Beethoven) on guitars and Ollie Krauss (Sia, Tom McRae) arranging strings.

The video for the first single, "Cannonball", featuring Patton Oswalt, premiered via AV Club and was a KCRW song of the day. The video for the second single, "Tokyo", shot on location in Japan, was included on Apple's Best of Japan playlist and if there's a God in Heaven will be the soundtrack to the promos for the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo.

Brown wrote the score for “The Man Who Knew Infinity”, a biopic of the Indian mathematical genius S. K. Ramanujan, starring Jeremy Irons and Dev Patel and recently completed writing the music for KCET's docu-series "Blue Sky Metropolis", directed by Emmy award winning director Peter Jones and part of the PBS "Summer of Space" timed to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing.

He'll be touring the west coast this September with fellow LA songwriters Brad Byrd and Greg Felden in support of his latest release, "Persephone", an ode to the end of summer and to those places that only come into bloom for a few months a year.